Geographical Magazine Article on the Sperrins

The Sperrins

Stretching from the Strule Valley to Lough Neagh, the Sperrins AONB encompasses a glaciated landscape that’s rich in history and contains internationally important blanket bog. Natalie Hoare investigates

You’re probably the first tourist to climb Mullaghmore,’ says my companion as we reach the summit. ‘We certainly don’t get many of you up this way.’ It’s a perfect day to enjoy this wild, desolate landscape: sunny and clear with a cool breeze. Far off to the east, I can see the shimmering grey waters of Lough Neagh – the UK’s largest lake. I can just make out the imposing silhouettes of the Mourne Mountains to the south, the Donegal highlands in the west and, to the north, the distinct profile of the Antrim Plateau, home to the Giant’s Causeway.

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